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United Kingdom
Hi, I'm Zoe.
I'm a massive fan of all things vampire, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, and Stargate SG1.

I also post images at sticky-site as… (Pink_Peril) and at quicksandfans as Zoe Mal Doran, so if you see damsel-in-distress art on my account here that looks familiar from those places, that's why. :)

I am also very into roleplaying.
If you want to roleply with me, check out the website in my Devious Info below and leave a message there. :)

I have no interest in the acquisition of llama badges. I am interested in the thoughts and insights that others have regarding my art. Please don't be shy about saying anything that comes to mind... and if nothing comes to mind, I'll take random hugs over random llamas any day ;)

Favourite style of art: Manga
Favourite cartoon character: The Sailor Senshi and Puella Magi girls in general, Homura Akemi and Sailor Jupiter in particular
Personal Quote: "Oh I have a bad feeling about this"

Storie stories stories

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 9:38 AM
Merry Meet, my watchers.
It's been quite a while since I was anywhere close to regularly uploading things :blush:
I'm currently working on a little something, but I'm also in a story sort of mood :)

Writing my own fanfiction is always fun, but working on things together with :iconseer99: is a whole higher level of joy.
For that reason, I am often disappointed in the comparative lack of response to the stories we wrote together.

Given :iconseer99: 's status as primarily a writer and mine as primarily a visual artist, we took the decision four years ago that he would host the works we collaborated on. Though I do not regret that decision, I still wish people would show their appreciation for our hard work.

Most recently, we have been working on continuing the Sailor Dolls story.

Sailor Moon - Sailor DollsHikawa Shrine, dusk.
The sun was setting on a rather cool day as Rei and Jasumin sat in the Shrines main room that held the temples flame. To most people, the flames that the two girls sat next to would just be flames, but these women were special. They could sometimes see the future in the fire. There had been a recent rise in the number of missing women. Setsuna and Jasumin had thought that a man named Metruso was behind it. Setsuna had said she was going to check on a lead she had found, and she would meet up with Jasumin at the Shrine. The flames danced between Rei and Jasumin as they sat both within trances. Rei had her arms folded and eyes closed, while Jasumin would stare into the fire, seeking the purest part of it. Both of them were dressed in the robes of the Shrine. All of a sudden, Rei gasped as her eyes flew open, looking terrified.
"Pluto." She gasped, "I saw her!"
Jasumin broke her trance the instant she heard Pluto's name. "What do you mean? Where?"
Rei shook her head a

  Sailor Moon - Sailor Dolls Pt2Jasumin softly closed the front door behind her as she carried in a few small bags from the store. As she moved towards the kitchen, she heard Setsuna singing from the living room. At first, she thought she was hearing things. Jasumin had rarely ever heard her beloved sing, and as she moved towards the living room, she got a big surprise. She saw her love, clad in a figure-hugging latex French Maid’s outfit, merrily cleaning the room. Setsuna had not yet noticed Jasumin, so she kept singing.
“I love the look of latex,
It’s shiny and it gleams.
I love the feel of latex,
It hugs me while I clean.”
Jasumin thought she was in a dream, her Setsuna in a latex maid outfit? Not only that, she was singing about latex itself! She could not help but wonder if this was a side effect left over from Metruso. Jasumin silently went back to the kitchen, placing the bags on the counter before heading back to Setsuna. She quietly slid up to her, rubbing her back as s
Sailor Moon - Sailor Dolls Pt3~At the Hikawa Shrine~
In a flash, Haruka Tenoh was gone. In her place stood an identical figure made of shiny dark-blue latex. Her body was completely smooth, and featureless, except for her doll hood, which sported a black ring where Haruka's mouth should be, the word 'Doll' in black letters where her eyes should have been, and emerging from black rings atop her head, twin tails of latex in the color of Haruka's hair.
Rei could not keep the shock out of her voice, as she ripped her hand out of Haruka’s grasp. “Haruka…? No, not you too!”
She saw the ball-head dolls slowly closing in to block her escape, and pulled out her transformation wand. She had to escape. She had to tell Usagi that Metruso had captured Haruka, Michiru and now Ami.
“Mars Star…”
Before Rei could finish her transformation phrase, her wand and her right hand were engulfed in a tarry blast from one of the ball-head dolls.
“I did say that you were not going anywhere.

There is much more to come, so please read the story so far, and show your appreciation or I will punish you in the name of the Moon =p

Thank you, and Blessed be.

  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: many things
  • Reading: Puella Magi Madoka Magica: the Different Story
  • Watching: Angel
  • Playing: Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
  • Eating: too much
  • Drinking: tea


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How is Zoey been doing lately? I miss ya. :aww: :huggle:
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