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River Elf or Nymph - vs.4 by Selene-Blackthorn

Ok, let's get critique-y :) Right first off, let me just say that all five versions are beautifully put together :) Of the five, I'd say ...

Triple S and Team Rose by technofaerie

Beautifully done :D The characters look awesome, with their individual personalities shining through in a simple and sublime way. Their ...

Dangerous Beauty by LadyLuca87

Ok, here we go. Official Critique time. Well, first of all, let me say very nice work on the colours and shading. :) Overall, you've don...


United Kingdom
Hi, I'm Zoe.
I'm a massive fan of all things vampire, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, and Stargate SG1.

I also post images at sticky-site as… (Pink_Peril) and at quicksandfans as Zoe Mal Doran, so if you see damsel-in-distress art on my account here that looks familiar from those places, that's why. :)

I am also very into roleplaying.
If you want to roleply with me, check out the website in my Devious Info below and leave a message there. :)

I have no interest in the acquisition of llama badges. I am interested in the thoughts and insights that others have regarding my art. Please don't be shy about saying anything that comes to mind... and if nothing comes to mind, I'll take random hugs over random llamas any day ;)

Favourite style of art: Manga
Favourite cartoon character: The Sailor Senshi and Puella Magi girls in general, Homura Akemi and Sailor Jupiter in particular
Personal Quote: "Oh I have a bad feeling about this"

Storie stories stories

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 9:38 AM
Merry Meet, my watchers.
It's been quite a while since I was anywhere close to regularly uploading things :blush:
I'm currently working on a little something, but I'm also in a story sort of mood :)

Writing my own fanfiction is always fun, but working on things together with :iconseer99: is a whole higher level of joy.
For that reason, I am often disappointed in the comparative lack of response to the stories we wrote together.

Given :iconseer99: 's status as primarily a writer and mine as primarily a visual artist, we took the decision four years ago that he would host the works we collaborated on. Though I do not regret that decision, I still wish people would show their appreciation for our hard work.

Most recently, we have been working on continuing the Sailor Dolls story.

Sailor Moon - Sailor Dolls

Sailor Moon - Sailor Dolls Pt2

Sailor Moon - Sailor Dolls Pt3 

Sailor Moon - Sailor Dolls Pt4

Sailor Moon - Sailor Dolls Pt5

Sailor Moon - Sailor Dolls Pt6

Sailor Moon - Sailor Dolls Pt7

Sailor Moon - Sailor Dolls Pt8

Sailor Moon - Sailor Dolls Pt9

Sailor Moon - Sailor Dolls Pt10

There is much more to come, so please read the story so far, and show your appreciation or I will punish you in the name of the Moon =p

Thank you, and Blessed be.

  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: many things
  • Reading: Puella Magi Madoka Magica: the Different Story
  • Watching: Angel
  • Playing: Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
  • Eating: too much
  • Drinking: tea


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BlazeyBakeneko Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
Hi Zoe, you might find the comic in this person's gallery interesting. :giggle:
BlazeyBakeneko Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hi Zoe, hopefully timing will let us show up at the same time soon. :giggle: The MLP stories are going at a relatively steady rate, so hopefully I'll be writing a new Sonic story before long. :D
BlazeyBakeneko Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hi Zoe, looks like we weren't online at the same time today, but now that Skype is working hopefully it'll be a bit easier for us to talk, hee hee. :giggle:
BlazeyBakeneko Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015
Found something you might like, Zoe. :)…
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger Featured By Owner 6 days ago
BlazeyBakeneko Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Super cute with a bit of a yuri flavor. :giggle: And DA can't touch it since they aren't nude. :D
Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Win-win :giggle:
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BlazeyBakeneko Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2015
Not entirely certain of it, but I may be able to get skype working tomorrow, hee hee. ^^

Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015
Working skype would be good. Nice, private, real-time chatting :huggle:
BlazeyBakeneko Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015
Indeed. ^^ I got it working, thankfully. :D Look for "violetdusk2020" whenever we're both on at the same time. :giggle:

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